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Nakaya - Onion Peeler
  • Up to 4,000 onions an hour
  • Minimal manual handling
  • Spoilage is a thing of the past
  • Perfectly Peeled Onions
    You want to process onions with a beautiful hand peeled and polished look. You want this done with minimal manual handling, minimal damage to your product and minimal spoilage.
    Unpeeled Onions - A Delicate Product
    Onions are an extremely delicate product and can suffer internal bruising damage if dropped from a height of 30cm. Onions are also vulnerable to abrasion damage. Both of these forms of damage lead to spoilage. Machines that use abrasion to remove the onion skin just add to this problem.
    a Delicate Product
    Your solution Nakaya NT-400S Onion Peeler
    The Nakaya NT-400S Onion Peeling Machine. The onions are mechanically elevated and the Nakaya slits the onion and then gently blows off the outer skin using compressed air. The end result is a dramatic reduction in spoilage and onions with a hand peeled and polished look.
    The Nakaya NT-400S onion peeler

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    NAKAYA Onion Coring MachineOnion Coring Machine
    This amazing brand new onion coring machine helps make your production line easier and more efficient! By placing onions onto the trays, it automatically takes out cores of two onions simultaneously. Onion sizes from 40mm - 110mm (one and a half inches to four and a quarter inches) in diameter. The stainless steel blades are used for coring, making the finished products look as if it is done manually by knife. It helps save labour and ...
    NAKAYA Onion Topper & TailerOnion Topper & Tailer
    This simple and compact machine works very well in combination with the Nakaya NT- 400S Onion Peeler. Peeled onions are placed individually by an Operator onto a holder on this machine. The onions are then conveyed into the machine, where two sets of knives neatly cut the tops and tails off. The result is finely cut onions, with minimal waste, adding value to your product. Distance between the blades is automatically determined by the siz ...
    NAKAYA Automatic Onion Skin Peeler (Non Abrasive)Automatic Onion Skin Peeler (Non Abrasive)
    How do you process onions with a beautiful hand peeled and polished look? The answer is simply to use the NAKAYA Onion Skin Peeler. The first NAKAYA was designed by an onion grower and improved upon by his engineer son. The third generation has fine-tuned this incredibly rugged and well-designed machine. It requires almost no maintenance. The NT- 400S processes up to 4,000 onions per hour, depending on onion size which ranges from 40mm ...
    NAKAYA Garlic PeelerGarlic Peeler
    The new NAKAYA Garlic Peeler is totally trouble free and simple to operate. It also saves huge costs in labour. TECHNICAL DETAILS Capacity: Processing capacity: Up to 45kg/h (100 pounds/hour) Quantity of compressed air required is 27.5 cfm Air pressure required is 0.8 - 0.9 mpa dry air Necessary accessory equipment: Air compressor. Total H.P. of compressor is 7 HP Electrical: 3 Phase, 5 kW, 200 Volts for the Peeler. Peeler Footprin ...

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